Farmer, Chef & Storyteller

All the signs that autumn is about to arrive are here -- the insects are louder, the sun is hotter, and the storms are sudden and fierce. It's also the season of bountiful harvests. Before long, sweet corn, melons and tomatoes will be out-of-season, making us crave them all the more. Thinking about how to… Continue reading Farmer, Chef & Storyteller



Looking for a way to discover new authors, celebrate good books, or learn better writing techniques? The Bluffton Book Festival -- November 21-23 -- is the perfect place to accomplish all three. Check out their schedule and register for my workshop on FRIDAY NOVEMBER 3rd from 3-4:00, GHOSTWRITING 101, where I'll share a bit about… Continue reading Announcing: The BLUFFTON BOOK FESTIVAL!

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Spring in the Lowlands is a painting come to life. The azaleas burst like fireworks in shades of fuchsia, orange, and crimson. The white Ibis return to the salt marshes and so do the dark alligators. Massive oak trees give birth to new growth and the dull brown seagrass slowly returns to life. And I… Continue reading Transformation