WELCOME! It’s been over a year since the release of Falling with Wings, the memoir I co-wrote with Dianna De La Garza. Much has happened since then, including our move from Los Angeles to Hilton Head island, South Carolina, where Phil and I are easing into a more relaxed pace of living. The beauty of the landscape around us (including the numerous alligators sunbathing on our community’s canals!!!) is truly spectacular. Although I spend a lot of time outdoors biking, collecting shells, bird watching and just being a beach bum, I haven’t put writing aside. Every week I try to add a few more pages to the novel I’ve been working on and I’ve gathered a small group of women writers as a basis of support.

The BIG NEWS is I’ve been working with my friend and former Editor at State College Magazine, Erika Isler, to present some workshops on personal growth, specifically designed around the theme of “exploring the stories we are living.”  Our first scheduled workshop — Camp Arion: A Weekend for Grown Ups — will be on June 1 & 2 at Buffalo Run Farm & Equestrian Center. If you are interested in delving into the inward and outward aspects of your personal life journey in hopes of finding more clarity, inspiration and momentum, please join us! For more information, open our brochure. *******************************************************************************

If you still haven’t read Falling with Wings, please order a copy today! In case you missed all the press releases last year, check out some of these: People Magazine  , Newsweek.com and Publishers Weekly.

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Dockside at my new home in South Carolina

I can’t say enough about Vickie McIntyre. She is not just a naturally gifted writer, but also a beautifully curious and introspective human being, which is reflected perfectly in her work. I’ve had the unique pleasure of working with hundreds of writers through my 30-plus year career, and Vickie always brought a fresh writing style and unique voice to her work. She’s a compassionate collaborator who is always willing to go the extra mile to find the key narrative thread — that little extra something that is the difference between a good piece — and a great piece! Hire her and don’t look back!  www.erikaisler.com 


Erika Isler, former editor of State College Magazine

I couldn’t have chosen a better Co-Writer for my book Falling with Wings than Vickie McIntyre. She made me reach down into my very soul as an author to make me relive things that I needed to relive to make my story one that would touch people’s hearts. That’s a true talent of hers. I can’t imagine what my book would have been without her! (Follow Dianna on Twitter @DiannaDeLaGarza)

Dianna De La Garza