WELCOME! In 2018, FEIWEL AND FRIENDS, a division of Macmillan Publishing Group, released Falling with Wings, the memoir I co-wrote with Dianna De La Garza, the mother of Demi Lovato. Since then, I’ve left Los Angeles and moved to Coastal South Carolina where I continue to pursue freelance writing opportunities as I work on my first novel.

In 2021, Hilton Head Monthly magazine asked me to do an article about a neighbor of mine, Suzanne Giesemann, an evidential medium and spiritual teacher, and I’ve been a regular contributor ever since. It’s been such a fun way to become better connected to the local community and I’ve met a lot of interesting people along the way.


Falling with Wings is still available for purchase, so if you haven’t read it yet, please order a copy today! Here are a few of the press releases from when it first was published:  People Magazine  , Newsweek.com and Publishers Weekly.

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Dockside at my new home in South Carolina

I can’t say enough about Vickie McIntyre. She is not just a naturally gifted writer, but also a beautifully curious and introspective human being, which is reflected perfectly in her work. I’ve had the unique pleasure of working with hundreds of writers through my 30-plus year career, and Vickie always brought a fresh writing style and unique voice to her work. She’s a compassionate collaborator who is always willing to go the extra mile to find the key narrative thread — that little extra something that is the difference between a good piece — and a great piece! Hire her and don’t look back!  www.erikaisler.com 


Erika Isler, former editor of State College Magazine

I couldn’t have chosen a better Co-Writer for my book Falling with Wings than Vickie McIntyre. She made me reach down into my very soul as an author to make me relive things that I needed to relive to make my story one that would touch people’s hearts. That’s a true talent of hers. I can’t imagine what my book would have been without her! (Follow Dianna on Twitter @DiannaDeLaGarza)

Dianna De La Garza