Closing the Circle

Lately circles have been on my mind. Perhaps it’s because I feel like I’m running in circles as I tackle a lengthy list of necessities that need attention before we drive across the country to relocate from Los Angeles to Hilton Head Island, South Carolina. Our departure date is now days away and there’s still much to… Continue reading Closing the Circle



No two hikes are ever the same. I know because I’ve climbed the hills at my favorite canyon dozens of times, yet each and every trip is different. One morning I might see a hawk swooping down to snatch a squirrel, while on the next day only mockingbirds appear. I might hear snippets of juicy… Continue reading NOTES FROM THE TRAIL: RESTING PLACES


Channeling the Spirit of Ghostwriting

“Were you a co-writer or a ghostwriter?” “Being a ghostwriter is easier than being a regular writer, right?” “Does a ghostwriter write down what someone tells them to say?” “So you were basically an editor, right?” “Wouldn’t you be happier writing your own material?”   Those are just a few of the questions I’ve been… Continue reading Channeling the Spirit of Ghostwriting